About the Sunset Activist Collective

The history of the Sunset Activist Collective does not begin with the occupy movement, the great recession or the Arab spring. Our members have a history of activism going back into the late 20th century.

When the Arab Spring was in its infancy some of us knew each other from prior human rights, anti-war and anti-austerity movements. The Occupy movement benefited the world by helping existing revolutionaries connect and also meet new revolutionaries. In November of 2011, founding members of what would soon become the Sunset Activist Collective discovered and exposed a plot by police informants and political operatives to take over the local movement for political and monetary gain. We left in defiance of this and founded the spokes council or circle.

OccupyLasVegas became a reformist group and OccupyLV.org was set up as a radical faction which Sunset maintained ties with. The group was formed at a meeting at Sunset Park, and this is where we get the name. We felt it was symbolic of our understanding of revolutionary movements, that just as the sun may set each day, the next it will come again. The sun gives us life, feeds our plants and brightens our day. The revolution gives us a reason for life, feeds the people who are without and is our day, On November 22nd our group agreed by consensus to the "eight principles."

We believe that these 8 principles set us apart from other modern movements. We are not inclusive and open, we induct members and have procedures for this. We do not believe in the concept that the 99% is innocent. We believe the rich are protected by the police, by government officials and by people who desire to sit among their number. They are just as bad. This is the major way we differ from Occupy.

Our prior activist experience and our contact with other groups helped us plan actions and help others in solidarity.

We actively participated in the Las Vegas May 1st planning meetings in coalition with other groups. We have traveled the west coast and have set up a hive in Portland, Oregon. Our network of affiliates is nationwide.

From time to time we have issued communiques to update the revolution on our plans and progress. We are growing. We urge all oppressed people to help open other fronts of resistance against capitalist world domination by forming your own groups and by helping ours by spreading the word, screaming when you see injustice and throwing all revolutionaries your love and support.